Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead

Amy Winehouse dead and now more between us now. Every one want to know the orignal reason behind Amy Winehouse death. So many people and sources are talking about her drugs addiction and causing it for Amy Winehouse death but there is another story behind the scene which is the same level of her death reason as her drugs addiction was. Here i found some thing intrusting about her death on We3d.net

Was Amy Winehouse’s deathly addiction to drugs fueled by her desperate and elusive search for true love?
Was it really only a coincidence that Amy was dumped by her boyfriend of almost a year, director Reg Traviss, 33, just a month before she died alone in bed after an alleged drug and alcohol binge?
Traviss, 33, a well-regarded British director, who was NOT an addict, supposedly split with the talented chanteuse, 27, after losing hope that he could save her from her addictions, according to Britain’s, Daily Mail newspaper.

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